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April 28, 2009

Ghost Plane - Helios Airways Flight 522

Helios Airways Flight 522 is circling above Athens, Greece for 2 hours. Air traffic controllers tries to contact the plane but received no response. Two F-16 fighter jet of the Hellenic Air Force was sent to look what's happening inside the plane. F16 Pilots were shocked, all of the passengers and crew of the aircraft are unconscious and oxygen masks are deployed. There was still someone moving in the cockpit and tries to maneuver the jet. The pilot of the fighter jet tries to contact Helios Airways flight 522 but the plane starts descending then crashed to a hillside. All 121 people on board died.

What adds mystery to the crash is that all of the passengers are still alive until the plane touches the ground.

Watch "Air Crash Investigation - Ghost Plane" at YouTube and find out what really happend to Helios Airways Flight 522.

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Mystery Flight - British Airways Flight 009

Smoke has engulfed the cabin, engines are shutting down one by one, radios are not working, and the most mysterious of all, Saint Elmo's fire covers the whole Boeing 747 jet. All of these incidents happens at 37,000 feet and all of the plane crew are clueless. No air travel has experienced all of these phenomenon at the same time. Also the appearance of Saint Elmo's fire at a very high altitude is quite creepy.

When all of the 4 engines of the Boeing 747 plane shuts off, the plane glides and descends slowly. The pilot decided to make an emergency landing at an airport near Jakarta, Indonesia. When the plane is already at low altitude, the presence of the mysterious fire vanishes. The moment the pilot sees the airport, he noticed that the window of the cockpit is deeply scratched and the transparency effect of the window is very low. Still the plane manages to land safely to the airport.

Watch the full episode of "Air Crash Investigation - All Engines Failed" at YouTube and discover what was that Saint Elmo's fire and why did it caused many problems to the jet.

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April 15, 2009

Aloha Airlines Flight 243 - Worst Case Scenario that Could Happen to an Airplane

April 28, 1988

A large section of the fuselage of a Boeing 737 has been ripped off during flight. Excessive decompression was experienced by the passengers. Biologically, humans cannot breathe at 24,000 feet (less than 10,000 feet is the breathing altitude for humans). During the incident, the plane is still climbing to its assigned altitude so the passengers are still on their seat belts. The crew has still full control of the plane and made a successful emergency landing at Kahului Airport. Amazingly, only one died in this very rare air accident, a flight attendant (was sucked out of the plane) who was giving passengers drinks.

Watch the full Air Crash Investigation of Aloha Airlines Flight 243 (National Geographic)

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April 12, 2009

Princess Juliana International Airport - St. Martin

One of the most amazing scenarios we will be encountering in our lives are the scenery of beaches. These pictures are taken at the beaches of St. Martin (an island in the Caribbean). The three 'S' are present; sun, sea and sand, but there's a twist, an airplane flying few feet from you. These pictures are not edited in Photoshop, they do really pass overhead.

Sunbathing could be a problem in this beach because the sunlight is blocked by passing jumbo jets (*LOL). The engine's sound could also be very irritating to tourists. For some people, these incidents could be terrifying or exciting. The tourists can even smell the gas burning from the engine turbines (*joke, I've never been here).

There are also times where people near the runway are blown to the beach whenever an airplane takes off. Sounds cool but sometimes can harm people.

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April 6, 2009

National Geographic's Air Crash Investigation of Philippine Airlines Flight 434

Continue watching at Youtube (Philippine Airlines Flight 434 Air Crash Investigation)

December 11, 1994 - Philippine Airlines Flight 434 from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Manila, Philippines) with one stop to Mactan-Cebu International Airport (Cebu, Phillippines) traveling to Narita International Airport (Narita, Japan) exploded midair killing one passenger. The explosion tore out a 20 square centimeters of the fuselage causing a decompression (similar to a balloon with a small hole). The bomb was placed under the seat of the person who died (Haruki Ikegami) which also injured other 10 passengers near him. The Boeing 747 made a successful emergency landing in Naha, Okinawa one hour after the bomb exploded.

The device used to bomb the large aircraft was constructed using a casio digital watch. The bomb that was assembled by Ramzi Yousef in the aircraft's lavatory is termed as 'Mark II', a micro bomb. Yousef was planning to bomb 11 more aircraft in the same manner but Manila Police discovered his plans and was arrested one month later in Pakistan.

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Flight Simulator X - Ultimate Flying Experience

When I was a little child, I am seriously addicted to airplanes. I even created a small glider which of course doesn't work and caused a lot of physical pain. Now, I am dreaming of becoming a pilot but I can't afford the course and Philippines doesn't have the best school for this kind of hobby. Discrimination is also a factor.

With Microsoft's Flight Simulator X, I can live with my dreams (char) even though in a simulation mode, well that's OK for now.

With its audacious 14 GB hard disk requirement, you can visit 24,000 of the world's airports in all 7 continents. A lot of airplanes are also available in this flight simulator including the ultralite type plane (similar to a glider but has an engine). My favorite airplane that I keep on using during a free flight are the Boeing planes (747-400 and 737-800) because they are easier to control than the Airbus planes. Other than free flight, there are also missions of different levels like landing a turbo jet to Princess Juliana Airport (St. Martin, an island in the Caribbean) which is quite difficult in reality.

I can't believe I'm living the dream. I'm diggin’ the scene. I finally made it through the fire. LOL (exerpt from living the dream by a1).

Airbus A380

Boeing 747

St. Martin Airport - Princess Juliana Airport

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