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April 6, 2009

Flight Simulator X - Ultimate Flying Experience

When I was a little child, I am seriously addicted to airplanes. I even created a small glider which of course doesn't work and caused a lot of physical pain. Now, I am dreaming of becoming a pilot but I can't afford the course and Philippines doesn't have the best school for this kind of hobby. Discrimination is also a factor.

With Microsoft's Flight Simulator X, I can live with my dreams (char) even though in a simulation mode, well that's OK for now.

With its audacious 14 GB hard disk requirement, you can visit 24,000 of the world's airports in all 7 continents. A lot of airplanes are also available in this flight simulator including the ultralite type plane (similar to a glider but has an engine). My favorite airplane that I keep on using during a free flight are the Boeing planes (747-400 and 737-800) because they are easier to control than the Airbus planes. Other than free flight, there are also missions of different levels like landing a turbo jet to Princess Juliana Airport (St. Martin, an island in the Caribbean) which is quite difficult in reality.

I can't believe I'm living the dream. I'm diggin’ the scene. I finally made it through the fire. LOL (exerpt from living the dream by a1).

Airbus A380

Boeing 747

St. Martin Airport - Princess Juliana Airport

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