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April 28, 2009

Mystery Flight - British Airways Flight 009

Smoke has engulfed the cabin, engines are shutting down one by one, radios are not working, and the most mysterious of all, Saint Elmo's fire covers the whole Boeing 747 jet. All of these incidents happens at 37,000 feet and all of the plane crew are clueless. No air travel has experienced all of these phenomenon at the same time. Also the appearance of Saint Elmo's fire at a very high altitude is quite creepy.

When all of the 4 engines of the Boeing 747 plane shuts off, the plane glides and descends slowly. The pilot decided to make an emergency landing at an airport near Jakarta, Indonesia. When the plane is already at low altitude, the presence of the mysterious fire vanishes. The moment the pilot sees the airport, he noticed that the window of the cockpit is deeply scratched and the transparency effect of the window is very low. Still the plane manages to land safely to the airport.

Watch the full episode of "Air Crash Investigation - All Engines Failed" at YouTube and discover what was that Saint Elmo's fire and why did it caused many problems to the jet.

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