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May 31, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday Gerald Santos

While I was listening to a TV show (yes you read it right, I was listening, not watching), I overheard the name of 'Gerald Santos' and the word 'birthday'. I immediately run in front of the TV then I remembered that Gerald's birthday falls at the end of the month of May. Hope Gerald can read this post. Ahehehehehe Happy Birthday... love lots... Tomorrow, June 1, is also the birthday of my bestfriend Jefferson...

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Adobe Photoshop Tutorials [Applied]

It was a boring day so I read about photoshop tutorials. Some tutorials are for the newer versions of photoshop (CS3 and CS4) like the 3d effect but still, I tried some things that can be accomplished using my photoshop version.

This are the light effects. This are done using a lot of 'Artistic' manager in the filter layer of photoshop. Blur effects are common in the two tutorials.

I really don't like the fireball effect because it doesn't look like a fireball. The final image that was created looks like a metal that has been heated up for several hours.

The image that is covered by the sphere is blurred out so that glassy effect looks a little bit realistic. I already did some sphere effect in photoshop version 7.0 and the effects were quite devastating. Using CS2's inner glow, creating spheres has gone down to easy level.

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May 30, 2009

Super Mario 3: Mario Forever

Before personal computers exists, Mario games (Mario 1, Mario 2, Mario Tetris, etc.) are already running in family computers. For me, Mario 3 was the best mario game I've ever played because of its bountiful levels and elegant graphics. I think, the flying power was also added in this version of mario.

I started to look for mario games that runs on Windows or Linux systems. I downloaded Supertux first which runs in Linux operating systems. Supertux comes in a Debian and RPM formats. When I played the game, I was discouraged because the main character is not Mario nor Luigi, it was a penguin!

I googled again for mario games then I found Mario Forever which runs in Windows operating systems. I also found out that there are already three versions of Mario Forever. When I played several levels of Super Mario 3, I concluded that this was one of the best remakes of Mario games, the one that is running in family computers.

I download the game at this site for free [].

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May 29, 2009

Cheap Wallpapers (4:3 aspect ratio)

click on the image to view full resolution

This is my first time taking photographs for wallpaper use. I took some pictures outside our house. All of the photos are in high-resolution (5 megapixels) so you won't have a problem in terms of quality. I also increased the contrast and saturation of the images so that all of the images will appear vibrant. These wallpapers are for standard screen only, 4:3 aspect ratio. If you attempt to apply one of these photos to a wide screen or square screen, there might be a loss of image quality specifically images appear to be stretched.

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Friendster, MySpace, and Facebook T-Shirts

Of the three shirts, the cheapest if ever these shirts will be printed is the 'myspace shirt' because it is monochromatic. The 'friendster' and 'facebook' shirts are also cheap because the design has less colors. I think someone requested these shirts, I can't remember who... LOL... After these design, I will probably design unique shirts like this one [link]. No more acknowledgement or credits for logos, and no more copyright issues.

credits: facebook logo, friendster logo, and myspace logo and some of their taglines.

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May 20, 2009

Apple Shirts (Same Design at the Back)

Credits - Apple logo, iTunes logo, and Safari logo

One of these shirts was requested. You can also suggest or request a design from me. All of these shirts are not in stores and not yet for sale.

Hard disk drive where all of the data of a system are stored is the main attraction of this design. Mac's announcement about their 100 plus features in OS X 10 is also shown.

The green version of iTunes icon is used in this design. I've seen the red and blue version of the iTunes icon but I used the green one because it corresponds to majority of nature (LOL).

This was the requested design. This shirt costs more when printed because it has a gradient effect (I hope we can print this).

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Orange-Black Themed Shirts

This day, the theme for t-shirt designs are orange and black... You can also request t-shirt designs from me... All requested and accepted designs will be posted in this blog.

Blogger Shirt
(Credits: Blogger logo)

As an avid user of, I think creating a blogger shirt is one way of paying blogger's services (advertising their site in the physical world).

Firefox Shirt
(Credits: Mozilla Firefox logo)

The icon of Mozilla Firefox is one of the most distinct icon ever designed. Imagine wearing a shirt that contains this icon.

Linux Shirt
(Credits: Linux logo, Ubuntu logo, and Linux font)

I think this is the most presentable shirt of all the four designs of the orange-black themed shirts. This shirt comes with a linux logo (the penguin in orange sketch) at the front and ubuntu logo at the back.

RSS with the URL of Your Blog
(Credits: RSS logo)

I have seen a lot of t-shirt designs that has an RSS logo on it. I could say that this design differs a little bit because it is a customizable one. Using silkscreen printing, all bloggers could actually carry the URL of their blog at their back literally (at the back of the design is the URL of this blog).

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May 10, 2009

Search Engines Celebrates Mother's Day

Because it's Mother's Day...

Google recognizes Mothers Day by changing their logo for one day from a colorful kid-themed to a pink with floral effect one. Google is known for its simple name and colorful logo, but this day, they changed their distict identity just to celebrate one meaningful day of the year.

A cute kangaroo with a baby is Yahoo's theme for this years mother's day. The baby kangaroo jumped into the flower garden from the pouch of his mother and grabbed some flowers and offers it to his mom., you've probably never heard of it, but I have used this search engine for quite a long time together with Google, celebrates mother's day by changing everything in their homepage. In ordinary days, the page is all white excluding the text, buttons and textfields, but now, painted everything just to honor every mother around the world.

MSN, the number one enemy of Yahoo search since I used the internet, also celebrates mother's day by placing an image of a mother and son beside their search engine. Floral theme was also applied in the site to represent the femininity of a mother.

All mothers around the globe are always associated with flowers because these kind of things represents how feminine they are.

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My Wishlist for the Upcoming Windows 7

Windows Vista looks elegant but contains lots of issues including compatibility issues. I only encountered this issue when I try to install an ancient game (in terms of computer timeline) called Stronghold. I played this game way back in elementary where our operating system was still Windows 98. The game also runs smoothly in some versions of Windows including 2000 and XP. When I try to migrate to Vista, the problem arises.

These are my wishlist for the upcoming Windows 7:
  • Faster BootUp Time - As what I've said, Vista looks elegant, in fact, it is the most stylish operating system developed by Microsoft. But the new look and style of Vista sacrifices its performance. As what I have observed, Vista loads for more that 25 seconds in my notebook and 20 seconds in our PC. Our Pentium-III 800 MHz PC that runs in XP loads faster that the two systems. All I can wish is that Microsoft should have realized the lengthy bootup time of Vista, well it's not really a problem for some people but for me it is.
  • Supports Lots of Hardware - Some hardware that is attached to my notebook is not Vista supported. I have to download all the drivers from the Compaq site whenever I re-install my operating system. I really hate this process, downloading and installing the drivers manually instead of the operating system automatically detects and installs them.
  • PixelShader For Aero - When I try to read about the Vista Aero effects like pressing the [Win]+[Tab] keys, it says that the video card must or can handle pixel shading (PixelShader 2.0 is required for Aero). I was shocked about this hardware requirement because I never heard of it. I googled it up to read about it and to know whether my graphics card has this feature. I hope that this hardware related requirement will be gone in the upcoming release of Windows 7.
  • Windows Movie Maker - Since windows XP, Microsoft developers didn't pay attention to Windows Movie Maker. There are a lot of version numbers of Movie Maker but still it has the same features like effects and transitions.
  • Windows Media Player: Boring! - I read a forum about windows users downloading some media players like iTunes and Winamp in order to play their media files.
  • More Elegant Icons - I observed that other windows users are downloading custom icons. For me, Vista icons are enough but because they are into looks, they should have done something wow!
  • More Themes - The windows aero theme was eye popping duiring its release but after Kubuntu 7++ and CentOS 5++ was released, windows was out of the game again.
  • More features, Less Editions - Vista was very frustrating because of the 4 versions available in the market. I installed the Vista Basic first but uninstalled it after sometime because it doesn't have windows aero. Now, I am currently running in Windows Vista Business, but still, it is not enough because It doesn't have a Windows Media Center.
  • Microsoft Office be Included in the Windows 7 Core - When I try Kubuntu, Ubuntu, and CentOS, they are already pre-packed with Open Office Suites, but windows only comes with a WordPad and even worst, the Notepad. I know Microsoft Office has a staggering price but they could give the older versions (like MS Office 2000 or 2003) for free or include it in Windows 7 installation.
  • New Windows Logo - Windows logo is very distinct but after two decades, it has gone down to boring level.
  • "Windows [SOMETHING]" not "Windows 7" - The number 7 could be lucky but the name "Windows 7" is not really a good name for an operating system. Imagine the operating system called "Mac OS 10 Snow Leopard" will be compared to an operating system called "Windows 7", Apple company may win the competition by name. I like the codename of the Windows 7, I heard it's Vienna or Blackomb, I hope they'll use one of these names.
What are your wishlists for the upcoming windows 7 (try to comment this post)? Don't trust the beta version of Windows 7, I guess Microsoft will overhaul everything like what they did to Windows Vista Beta.

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Phone Number Prefix Changed from 666 to 749

How would you react if your phone prefix number is 666? This is a problematic case of the residents of Reeve, Louisiana, USA. The number 666 is always associated with the antichrist. This was sort-of stated in Revelation 13:18 which says “This call for wisdom: let him who has understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is human number, its number is six hundred and sixty-six”. This number is somewhat related to mythological beast and it's part of someone's life. Imagine dialing the number 666 on the phone during midnight or any creepy day you consider, how would you feel. Well, the problem of the residents of Reeve ended after 40 years of request, their phone prefix number has been changed from 666 to 749.

All my life (well not our phone prefix number which is 032 for Cebu, Philippines), I believe that the number 666 is demonic, well not that demon from hell but demonic in the sense that it is connected to disaster or bad luck (I guess I used the word demonic right).

In mathematics, 6 to the power of 3 (216) is very different to the number 666 (don't ask Santino about this). If we try to add all the digits (6+6+6), the result is 24, a day that is associated with Christmas Eve. What else??? hmmm... nothing to say...

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May 4, 2009

All About Aircrarft Posts Ends With Me...

One hot boring afternoon, while I was watching Air Crash Investigation in YouTube, I decided to crash my own plane, literally crash a plane. A real plane is very expensive and I know, even the smallest habitable (I am using the right term) aircrart is not available in a mall, I have to order it from Boeing in Chicago or Airbus in France.

So I decided to create my own plane (one with no engine), a very small one, even a small kitten won't fit, seriously it won't really fit. The main material used in my craft is a styrofoam (gives the shape), sticks (the bones of the air craft), and bond papers (the skin).

In my case, creating a plane is not new, I design and engineer flying kites, take note, "FLYING KITES". The finished product doesn't look beautiful but it was worth it.

Watch the test flight and see how successful the 2-hour project was...

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