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May 4, 2009

All About Aircrarft Posts Ends With Me...

One hot boring afternoon, while I was watching Air Crash Investigation in YouTube, I decided to crash my own plane, literally crash a plane. A real plane is very expensive and I know, even the smallest habitable (I am using the right term) aircrart is not available in a mall, I have to order it from Boeing in Chicago or Airbus in France.

So I decided to create my own plane (one with no engine), a very small one, even a small kitten won't fit, seriously it won't really fit. The main material used in my craft is a styrofoam (gives the shape), sticks (the bones of the air craft), and bond papers (the skin).

In my case, creating a plane is not new, I design and engineer flying kites, take note, "FLYING KITES". The finished product doesn't look beautiful but it was worth it.

Watch the test flight and see how successful the 2-hour project was...

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