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May 10, 2009

My Wishlist for the Upcoming Windows 7

Windows Vista looks elegant but contains lots of issues including compatibility issues. I only encountered this issue when I try to install an ancient game (in terms of computer timeline) called Stronghold. I played this game way back in elementary where our operating system was still Windows 98. The game also runs smoothly in some versions of Windows including 2000 and XP. When I try to migrate to Vista, the problem arises.

These are my wishlist for the upcoming Windows 7:
  • Faster BootUp Time - As what I've said, Vista looks elegant, in fact, it is the most stylish operating system developed by Microsoft. But the new look and style of Vista sacrifices its performance. As what I have observed, Vista loads for more that 25 seconds in my notebook and 20 seconds in our PC. Our Pentium-III 800 MHz PC that runs in XP loads faster that the two systems. All I can wish is that Microsoft should have realized the lengthy bootup time of Vista, well it's not really a problem for some people but for me it is.
  • Supports Lots of Hardware - Some hardware that is attached to my notebook is not Vista supported. I have to download all the drivers from the Compaq site whenever I re-install my operating system. I really hate this process, downloading and installing the drivers manually instead of the operating system automatically detects and installs them.
  • PixelShader For Aero - When I try to read about the Vista Aero effects like pressing the [Win]+[Tab] keys, it says that the video card must or can handle pixel shading (PixelShader 2.0 is required for Aero). I was shocked about this hardware requirement because I never heard of it. I googled it up to read about it and to know whether my graphics card has this feature. I hope that this hardware related requirement will be gone in the upcoming release of Windows 7.
  • Windows Movie Maker - Since windows XP, Microsoft developers didn't pay attention to Windows Movie Maker. There are a lot of version numbers of Movie Maker but still it has the same features like effects and transitions.
  • Windows Media Player: Boring! - I read a forum about windows users downloading some media players like iTunes and Winamp in order to play their media files.
  • More Elegant Icons - I observed that other windows users are downloading custom icons. For me, Vista icons are enough but because they are into looks, they should have done something wow!
  • More Themes - The windows aero theme was eye popping duiring its release but after Kubuntu 7++ and CentOS 5++ was released, windows was out of the game again.
  • More features, Less Editions - Vista was very frustrating because of the 4 versions available in the market. I installed the Vista Basic first but uninstalled it after sometime because it doesn't have windows aero. Now, I am currently running in Windows Vista Business, but still, it is not enough because It doesn't have a Windows Media Center.
  • Microsoft Office be Included in the Windows 7 Core - When I try Kubuntu, Ubuntu, and CentOS, they are already pre-packed with Open Office Suites, but windows only comes with a WordPad and even worst, the Notepad. I know Microsoft Office has a staggering price but they could give the older versions (like MS Office 2000 or 2003) for free or include it in Windows 7 installation.
  • New Windows Logo - Windows logo is very distinct but after two decades, it has gone down to boring level.
  • "Windows [SOMETHING]" not "Windows 7" - The number 7 could be lucky but the name "Windows 7" is not really a good name for an operating system. Imagine the operating system called "Mac OS 10 Snow Leopard" will be compared to an operating system called "Windows 7", Apple company may win the competition by name. I like the codename of the Windows 7, I heard it's Vienna or Blackomb, I hope they'll use one of these names.
What are your wishlists for the upcoming windows 7 (try to comment this post)? Don't trust the beta version of Windows 7, I guess Microsoft will overhaul everything like what they did to Windows Vista Beta.

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