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May 20, 2009

Orange-Black Themed Shirts

This day, the theme for t-shirt designs are orange and black... You can also request t-shirt designs from me... All requested and accepted designs will be posted in this blog.

Blogger Shirt
(Credits: Blogger logo)

As an avid user of, I think creating a blogger shirt is one way of paying blogger's services (advertising their site in the physical world).

Firefox Shirt
(Credits: Mozilla Firefox logo)

The icon of Mozilla Firefox is one of the most distinct icon ever designed. Imagine wearing a shirt that contains this icon.

Linux Shirt
(Credits: Linux logo, Ubuntu logo, and Linux font)

I think this is the most presentable shirt of all the four designs of the orange-black themed shirts. This shirt comes with a linux logo (the penguin in orange sketch) at the front and ubuntu logo at the back.

RSS with the URL of Your Blog
(Credits: RSS logo)

I have seen a lot of t-shirt designs that has an RSS logo on it. I could say that this design differs a little bit because it is a customizable one. Using silkscreen printing, all bloggers could actually carry the URL of their blog at their back literally (at the back of the design is the URL of this blog).

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