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May 10, 2009

Search Engines Celebrates Mother's Day

Because it's Mother's Day...

Google recognizes Mothers Day by changing their logo for one day from a colorful kid-themed to a pink with floral effect one. Google is known for its simple name and colorful logo, but this day, they changed their distict identity just to celebrate one meaningful day of the year.

A cute kangaroo with a baby is Yahoo's theme for this years mother's day. The baby kangaroo jumped into the flower garden from the pouch of his mother and grabbed some flowers and offers it to his mom., you've probably never heard of it, but I have used this search engine for quite a long time together with Google, celebrates mother's day by changing everything in their homepage. In ordinary days, the page is all white excluding the text, buttons and textfields, but now, painted everything just to honor every mother around the world.

MSN, the number one enemy of Yahoo search since I used the internet, also celebrates mother's day by placing an image of a mother and son beside their search engine. Floral theme was also applied in the site to represent the femininity of a mother.

All mothers around the globe are always associated with flowers because these kind of things represents how feminine they are.

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