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June 28, 2009

Opera 9.64; What's Bad?

Web browsers nowadays are more secure compared to its previous releases. Obviously, security is the bottleneck for developing web browsers because a lot of banking transactions are made over the world wide web. I encountered some forums asking which is the best browser and the answers varies from one user to the other. One browser discussed in that forum is the Opera browser. I am amazed on the discussions so I immediately downloaded the installer.

Windows Task Manager showing Opera and Firefox's memory footprint and CPU usage on my system.

When I started using this browser (Opera 9.64), it was all fine until I opened six tabs of different pages of (I usually open multiple tabs on facebook). The system starts to slow down and I can feel the CPU's fan is vibrating (more work means more power, more power means more heat, more heat means more cooling effect should be done). For less than 20 seconds, it freezes and slows down everything. When I opened the task manager, a 600+ mega bytes of RAM was only allocated for this browser and the process for running this program requires 95% of the CPU power (almost the same as converting an HD video). The firefox's memory and CPU footprint are relatively low while the Opera is staggering.

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June 24, 2009

No Regret (Movie 2006) - Gay Themed Korean Movie

Honestly, I haven't seen the film yet (I'm downloading it right now) but I think the movie is great as what I have seen from the trailer. I also visited their official website to learn more about the film. In their website, they posted some of the awards and citations of this film including the Best New Actor in the Ansan International Next Film Festival. There are also numerous reviews of foreign people about the film. I hope the movie is not all-porn, boring, and better than Formula 17.

Movie poster of the No Regret movie.

Full trailer of the No Regret movie.

Synopsis of the Film (from Fandango ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide): A working-class South Korean homosexual and a factory owner's engaged son embark on a clandestine love affair in director Hee-il Leesong's heartfelt tale of forbidden love. The first-ever South Korean feature by an openly gay filmmaker, No Regret begins as orphan Lee Su-min (Yeong-hun Lee) leaves behind both his rural orphanage and one-time lover. Later finding work at a Seoul factory and sharing an apartment with an unquestionably heterosexual workmate, Lee supplements his income by working nights as a driver for hire. When drunken fare Jae-min Song (Han Lee) makes a tentative pass at Lee during a late-night ride home, the uninterested driver rejects the obvious come-on. As it turns out, Song is the son of the factory's CEO. Later, when a round of layoffs is announced at the factory and Lee's name appears on the list, Song offers to help the struggling worker, to no avail. Subsequently earning his keep as a lap-dancer at a local strip joint, Lee is disturbed to see Song appear at the club and threatens to kill him if he ever dares return. Though Song's parents are pressuring him into marriage, the reluctant groom has no interest in taking a bride, and gradually begins to form a relationship with the down-on-his-luck dancer. Despite the comfort they find in one another's company, simmering class differences soon propel their doomed affair toward a tragic conclusion.

Some screenshots of the film.

I think I will love the movie because the theme is both drama and little comedy. I will update this post right after I watch this film.

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June 17, 2009

Loser Logos I Made

These are the logos I submitted in crowdspring. Everyday, I received a letter from them that the project has been closed and a winner has been chosen, of course not me. Of course I did not expect to win in any of the project competition because I made each of the logos for less than 10 minutes, yes, you read it right, I made it quickly that I have sacrificed the quality and content. One thing good about these logos are they are in vector form (stretch the original copy of these logos to 500x500 meters, no visible pixels will appear). I learned one thing, it's not easy to create logos especially if you are creating a lot from different companies. At least I tried!

The ugliest logo for me are the 'Brian and Peter' and 'Brazos' and I made them, hahahahaha. Well I have a lot of loser-favorites like the 'Sydney Newbie', 'MinVinetu' and 'The Chive'. Please feel free to comment violently at the logos, no, don't do it violently, just speak.

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June 16, 2009

Boys Over Flowers - Widescreen Wallpapers (1440x900)

All of the photos used in these wallpapers are taken or grabbed from in the 'large image' section. To download or save these wallpapers, click on the thumbnail or right click and 'save link as' (for firefox) or 'save target as' (for Internet Explorer). Koo Hye Sun (Geum Jan Di) is not included in this release of widescreen wallpapers of 'Boys Over Flowers'.

lee min hoo boys over flowers widescreen wallpaperskim hyun joong boys over flowers widescreen wallpapers
kim bum boys over flowers widescreen wallpapers
kim jun boys over flowers widescreen wallpapers

To view more widescreen wallpapers of Goo Jun Pyu, visit this link: [THE Link]

Note: Please do not print and sell these wallpapers!

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June 14, 2009

International Stars - Widescreen Wallpaper (1440x900)

These wallpapers are for widescreen displays only. Attempt to apply these art in a standard screen may result to loss of quality like images appears to be stretched. I found the images of these artists in in the 'large image' result section. To download the wallpaper in full resolution, just click on the thumbnail and wait for the image to load completely before saving it. Please feel free to comment.

george sampson widescreen wallpapers britain's got talent
George Sampson is Britain's Got Talent Season II grand winner. He's a great dancer and good looking. He really deserves to perform in front of Queen Elizabeth.

lee min hoo boys over flowers widescreen wallpaperslee min hoo boys over flowers widescreen wallpapers
Boys Over Flowers main actor Lee Min Hoo made a great impact in Asian television. This Korean series really paved its way to fame.

kris allen widescreen wallpapers american idol
Kris Allen who has just won an American Idol title still continues to shine in the music industry. He is so handsome and has a great voice. These photos are taken from

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June 12, 2009

Play Bingo Without the Noisy Tablets

Requirements: Buy a bingo card. That's it!

I made this game for almost 2 hours because I already forgot how to code using actionscript. This version has simple animations. Animation, music and graphics will be the bottleneck for the next release maybe. I tried playing this game using my brother's playing bingo cards, and it works great, only the whole game was plain and boring.

This flash game is just a replacement of the person who reads or announces the numbers. In short, this is not a whole Bingo game. You need the actual bingo cards and obviously I don't sell those things. I think these cards can be found in bookstores and they're cheap.

I know that game is boring, just wait for the next release...

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June 9, 2009

The Name "Rookie Blogger" and How Far Are You From Me

Visitors are wondering why I name myself or this blog "The Rookie Blogger". This blog is less than 8 months old and I call myself a ROOKIE! Well, the word rookie in basketball or any game is different from the rookie I am referring to. To be able to understand the word rookie I am pointing to, one must be able to know a little about Pangya (Albatross 18). In this MMORPG, the 'Rookie' is the lowest level (Rookie F specifically). I cannot use the word 'beginner' because in Pangya, there is a 'Beginner' level (the level after rookie).

To make this explanation not boring, I created a list of pangya levels with blogs that I have visited. The blogs in each level are not randomly placed, there is a certain secret criteria. As what I have said, I am in the rookie level. Check your blog or the blog of your friends if they are on the list. If your blog is not in the list, it doesn't mean I don't like it or something, maybe, I haven't seen your blog or I totally forgot it (sorry...).

[click on the levels (e.g. rookie, beginner, junior...) to view the blogs, then click the blog you want to visit]

You might be wondering why no one is in the four topmost level. The Pangya forums can answer this question but because I have to be informative so that this blog is worthy to exist in the world-wide-web, the reason is that no one has ever reached these levels. Pangya Korea is the first Pangya server to have this game and still they don't have a user that reached the 'Master' level up to this day. I am playing this game for almost two years but still, I am in the 'Beginner' level. Leveling-up in this game is very hard and takes a lot of time and effort, just like in blogging.

Please feel free to comment. Please, as much as possible, don't post violent comments. You should be proud if your blog is above the 'Rookie' level. You can react if your blog has a broken link.

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June 8, 2009

Free Wallpapers - Widescreen (1440x900) and Generic (1280x1024)

For me, a cloudy afternoon is the perfect time for taking flower pictures because there is only sufficient light beaming to the subject of interest. Flowers are very colorful and on a clear day, they have high contrast, therefore not good for the eyes. In taking these photos, I did not apply filters because we don't have those things. Adobe Photoshop has filters but using those features are unsatisfactory.

[click on the thumbnail to enlarge/download]

[click on the thumbnail to enlarge/download]

All of these wallpapers are free of charge. To download it, just click the thumbnail or right click on the image and click 'save target as'. The photos on the left are generic wallpapers (1280x1024) and on the right are widescreen (1440x900).

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