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June 2, 2009

Air France Flight 447 Vanished in the Atlantic Ocean

[Airbus A330-203 - the same plane model as flight 447]

The last known report about flight 447 is that it is traveling in a storm. The pilots also reported to air traffic controllers that they are experiencing turbulence. Questions could raise about why the pilots let the plane travel directly to a severe storm.

I have watched almost all the episodes of National Geographic's Air Crash Investigation (Mayday) and I have wild guess why the plane crashed.

Airbus manufactures one of the safest planes and still this plane (flight 447) crashed. There was one episode in the Air Crash Investigation (Kid in the Cockpit) where the plane dives to the ground and crashed. That plane crashed because the pilot and co-pilot tries to save the plane by controlling it all by themselves in fact, that particular Airbus model is designed to save its own from a deadly dive. The two conflicting controls (the crew and the Airbus autopilot/autosave) was a recipe for disaster.

Now talking back to the plane, I have to consider one possibility (I think this was already discuessed in Reuters). Pilots are trained not to fly a plane in a storm but still this flight went head on to the storm. The storm was very far from the ground so ground controllers cannot see that the plane is heading to it. Almost all commercial planes (including all Airbus models) are equipped with radar that can track almost all kinds of weather disturbances. With this, the pilot and co-pilot should or could see the storm even miles away from it. Still it went to the storm. The pilot reports to ground controllers that there are lightning in the area. Normally, almost all planes are designed not to be hit by lightning. Even if a plane is strucked by a lightning, the passengers won't barely notice it because lightning will just pass to the whole thing.

My guess is that the plane was strucked by a lightning and some electronic devices has been disabled or not working properly and one of the devices that has been disabled is the radar. This could be one possible reason why the crew didn't notice that they are going to a storm. Series of catastrophy reaches its peak when the plane was already in the low pressure area. With some instruments not working properly and it was night time, this could be a possible reason why Air France Flight 447 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean.

This is just a wild guess... ahehehehehehe

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