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June 9, 2009

The Name "Rookie Blogger" and How Far Are You From Me

Visitors are wondering why I name myself or this blog "The Rookie Blogger". This blog is less than 8 months old and I call myself a ROOKIE! Well, the word rookie in basketball or any game is different from the rookie I am referring to. To be able to understand the word rookie I am pointing to, one must be able to know a little about Pangya (Albatross 18). In this MMORPG, the 'Rookie' is the lowest level (Rookie F specifically). I cannot use the word 'beginner' because in Pangya, there is a 'Beginner' level (the level after rookie).

To make this explanation not boring, I created a list of pangya levels with blogs that I have visited. The blogs in each level are not randomly placed, there is a certain secret criteria. As what I have said, I am in the rookie level. Check your blog or the blog of your friends if they are on the list. If your blog is not in the list, it doesn't mean I don't like it or something, maybe, I haven't seen your blog or I totally forgot it (sorry...).

[click on the levels (e.g. rookie, beginner, junior...) to view the blogs, then click the blog you want to visit]

You might be wondering why no one is in the four topmost level. The Pangya forums can answer this question but because I have to be informative so that this blog is worthy to exist in the world-wide-web, the reason is that no one has ever reached these levels. Pangya Korea is the first Pangya server to have this game and still they don't have a user that reached the 'Master' level up to this day. I am playing this game for almost two years but still, I am in the 'Beginner' level. Leveling-up in this game is very hard and takes a lot of time and effort, just like in blogging.

Please feel free to comment. Please, as much as possible, don't post violent comments. You should be proud if your blog is above the 'Rookie' level. You can react if your blog has a broken link.

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