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June 24, 2009

No Regret (Movie 2006) - Gay Themed Korean Movie

Honestly, I haven't seen the film yet (I'm downloading it right now) but I think the movie is great as what I have seen from the trailer. I also visited their official website to learn more about the film. In their website, they posted some of the awards and citations of this film including the Best New Actor in the Ansan International Next Film Festival. There are also numerous reviews of foreign people about the film. I hope the movie is not all-porn, boring, and better than Formula 17.

Movie poster of the No Regret movie.

Full trailer of the No Regret movie.

Synopsis of the Film (from Fandango ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide): A working-class South Korean homosexual and a factory owner's engaged son embark on a clandestine love affair in director Hee-il Leesong's heartfelt tale of forbidden love. The first-ever South Korean feature by an openly gay filmmaker, No Regret begins as orphan Lee Su-min (Yeong-hun Lee) leaves behind both his rural orphanage and one-time lover. Later finding work at a Seoul factory and sharing an apartment with an unquestionably heterosexual workmate, Lee supplements his income by working nights as a driver for hire. When drunken fare Jae-min Song (Han Lee) makes a tentative pass at Lee during a late-night ride home, the uninterested driver rejects the obvious come-on. As it turns out, Song is the son of the factory's CEO. Later, when a round of layoffs is announced at the factory and Lee's name appears on the list, Song offers to help the struggling worker, to no avail. Subsequently earning his keep as a lap-dancer at a local strip joint, Lee is disturbed to see Song appear at the club and threatens to kill him if he ever dares return. Though Song's parents are pressuring him into marriage, the reluctant groom has no interest in taking a bride, and gradually begins to form a relationship with the down-on-his-luck dancer. Despite the comfort they find in one another's company, simmering class differences soon propel their doomed affair toward a tragic conclusion.

Some screenshots of the film.

I think I will love the movie because the theme is both drama and little comedy. I will update this post right after I watch this film.

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