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July 28, 2009

Possible Website Layout for the Department of Computer Science

We are given a project which is not just a project by name, but also a legacy to the Department of Computer Science in the University of the Philippines Cebu College. People who are browsing the net especially the bloggers will always say that the content is more important than the design but for me, layout really matters because it is one of the reasons why people visit and stay a certain website.

Here are the possible layouts of the upcoming Department of Computer Science of UP-Cebu website. The site will be up and running this October.

A simple torquoise-colored site with white borders.

Hard-blue with dark background website layout.

This layout is based from an envelope and paper.

Yellow-themed site.

Very simple blue-white website layout.

Another torquoise-themed website layout.

These seven layouts are not yet final. The colors or even the layouts are still subject to change. Votation from the while class is needed to decide which design will be used for the DCS website. The final layout of the website will be hidden until its release.

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July 21, 2009

The Two Facebook Applications I Love

Farm-themed games were already common even before these two Facebook apps existed. My favorite was the "Flower City Garden" where a player starts from a very small farm with simple flower plantation. The game progresses as the player sells perfectly grown flowers using the right fertilizer. Another farming-themed game I played is the "Funky Farm" where there are already plants and moving animals involved.

For me, Facebook is famous for its third-party applications and became even more famous when a company developer "Slashkey" developed the game "Farm Town". Running in an Adobe Flash platform, this game is not just a one-man-game but rather, a multiplayer online game. A gamer can also chat to other online users while playing.

Screenshot of my farm with a small house and potato seeds planted at the plowed soil.

Other online users can be hired to work in your farm.

Another similar game in facebook app is "Farmville". The game is still online only that you cannot see other online users playing. I still love to play this game because it has better graphics than "Farm Town". The two applications are more or less related in terms of features.

Wheat crops ready to be harvested.

Rice fields and a tent in my farm.

These two games just show how powerful and flexible flash games are. Before, Flash software is just an application used to animate things that will be embedded in a website, but now, flash has a wide range of capabilities.

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July 14, 2009

The 30-Minute Vector Pumpkin

I googled for a tutorial, a simple one, on how to create vector images using Adobe Illustrator. The version I am using for this vector art is CS3. According to Illustrator Tutorials, this vector art is one of the simplest and easiest to create but I don't know what happened to me; I was complaining to myself and to the software almost all of the time. One of the reasons I could possibly think why it took me so long to create this thing is that I am a newbie in Illustrator.

I was so exhausted after I finished creating this art. Then I asked myself, "how do graphic artists do similar stuffs?". Some of the vector images I saw are even far more complicated than this pathetic and fake-looking pumpkin.

The finished product of the 30-minute vector art pumpkin.

At least my Halloween pumpkin looks like a graphic pumpkin. I am still reading a lot of tutorials about this amazing software because I want to create vector logos and images. I hope I can learn a lot of amazing things despite of my busy schedule. ahehehehehe

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July 8, 2009

Firefox 3.5 - What's New and What's Common to Others

You can download Mozilla Firefox 3.5 at this link (english only) or visit to download a local version of Firefox.

Firefox 3.5 is now available for download. Users would initially ask "What's the difference between Firefox 3.0 and the version 3.5?". Here's a few new things and new features of the fastest and most secure browser that has been made even better.

The icon is shinier and the fox appears to be more flame-looking. Now, the icon is Vista compatible, available in large icon size format perfect for "Large Icon" option.

Most of the images are compressed whenever they are uploaded to the internet. Firefox now introduces "Dynamic Color Profile" for every picture viewed. This means that if an image has a high quality and has been compressed (quality is reduced) when uploaded to the internet, this browser can still restore the nearest possible quality of that image. Isn't that amazing?

When a tab is accidentally closed or whatsoever, Firefox 3.5 can restore or list the recently closed websites. This feature is popularized first by Google Chrome.

To be able to remove a website from the list of recently visited sites, a user must clear the browsing history. This could be a problem if a user only wants to remove one website from the history. This browser has a feature like deleting contacts from your mobile phone when deleting visited websites - you can delete it one by one or remove all at a single click.

For those people who are using shared computers and doesn't want their web secrets to be revealed, Firefox has a solution. The "Private Browsing" feature will not leave any trace of the list of websites visited (perfect for porn browsing with Firefox's speed and stability). This feature is present in Internet Explorer 8 and it is called "In Private Browsing".

Before, Firefox's tab, when dragged, is only limited to its present location of window. Now, a tab when dragged outside of the tab line area, will open a new window of that website. This feature is first shown in Google Chrome.

Some images are taken from

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Rookie Dream Shirt

I want to print this exclusively designed shirt as soon as possible but there's a lot of issues and problems. I already canvassed t-shirt printing stores but they always say that the lesser number of orders, the more expensive this shirt would cost. Of course I cannot massively print this shirt because the title 'exclusive' will be gone and if I sell this to other people, this shirt will me meaningless to them. Even if there are people who are willing to buy this shirt, I don't want my blog to appear as if "The Rookie Blogger" is a politician running for the 2010 election or even worst, a leader of a cult.

Of course the front...

...and surprise, the back.

If you were able to read this post and managed to reach up to this sentence, please help me find a t-shirt printing store that can print this shirt for less than two hundred pesos. Silk-screen printing will do as long as the two colors are preserved. HELP ME! ahehehehe

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July 2, 2009

The Dangers of Broadcasting Live

It's easy to utter the word "cut" in a shoot but impossible to say in a live show. Non-live shows are almost perfect in terms of overall video quality and dialogue because a director of a show makes sure that every scene is polished. Hosts, actors and actresses, crew or even the contestants can feel the pressure of a show running in live because they know it's hard to memorize the flow of the whole presentation and how easy to ruin everything.

Here are some live show bloopers that makes a certain episode of a show unforgettable.

Wowowee (ABS-CBN 2) contestant thanking Eat Bulaga (GMA 7).

Claudine Barreto accidentally utters "*utang in*".

A news report that cannot be understood.

Nash Aguas calls Mr. Piolo Pascual "Ate Piolo".

Allan K's fake teeth accidentally falls while singing.

Another fake teeth falls.

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July 1, 2009

Microsoft Office Word 2007 – Can be used as blog editor!

While working with my CMSC 191 assignment, I decided to use Microsoft Word as an editor before writing it down on paper. MS Office 2007 has a very user-friendly user interface. When I clicked the new button, it asks if I want to use a blank document or a blog post. Previous versions of MS Word only asks for a blank document or a template, this version is a lot different because of the blog post feature. I immediately select the blog post option then a dialogue box appears asking what blog I am using (I am currently using Blogger). After clicking ok, it asks my credentials (username and password) to login to blogger. Then I started writing this post!

Screenshot of MS Word 2007 using the blog editor.

After I clicked the publish button, I remembered my CMSC 191 homework. ahehehehehe.

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