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July 8, 2009

Firefox 3.5 - What's New and What's Common to Others

You can download Mozilla Firefox 3.5 at this link (english only) or visit to download a local version of Firefox.

Firefox 3.5 is now available for download. Users would initially ask "What's the difference between Firefox 3.0 and the version 3.5?". Here's a few new things and new features of the fastest and most secure browser that has been made even better.

The icon is shinier and the fox appears to be more flame-looking. Now, the icon is Vista compatible, available in large icon size format perfect for "Large Icon" option.

Most of the images are compressed whenever they are uploaded to the internet. Firefox now introduces "Dynamic Color Profile" for every picture viewed. This means that if an image has a high quality and has been compressed (quality is reduced) when uploaded to the internet, this browser can still restore the nearest possible quality of that image. Isn't that amazing?

When a tab is accidentally closed or whatsoever, Firefox 3.5 can restore or list the recently closed websites. This feature is popularized first by Google Chrome.

To be able to remove a website from the list of recently visited sites, a user must clear the browsing history. This could be a problem if a user only wants to remove one website from the history. This browser has a feature like deleting contacts from your mobile phone when deleting visited websites - you can delete it one by one or remove all at a single click.

For those people who are using shared computers and doesn't want their web secrets to be revealed, Firefox has a solution. The "Private Browsing" feature will not leave any trace of the list of websites visited (perfect for porn browsing with Firefox's speed and stability). This feature is present in Internet Explorer 8 and it is called "In Private Browsing".

Before, Firefox's tab, when dragged, is only limited to its present location of window. Now, a tab when dragged outside of the tab line area, will open a new window of that website. This feature is first shown in Google Chrome.

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