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August 30, 2009

Report - Software Configuration Management

Software Configuration Management (SCM) is the process of tracking the changes made in the software. We already reported this topic in front of the class including the tools to be used in tracking software changes.

We have agreed to use TortoiseSVN [Click Here to Download] and Visual SVN [Click Here to Download] in accomplishing or doing this job. Here are some screenshots including a brief explanation about it.

The server URL is the link to see the files using a browser.

Create a user and give privileges to specific users who can edit specific files.

A repository is where the baseline project(s) is/are stored.

This is where the magic and power of Software Configuration Management happens - the process of sending a copy of the baseline project to a server (in this example, the server is locally hosted in the system) and downloading the baseline project for the developers to modify or change if a request for change is/are made.

After downloading a specific project from the server (the user will specify the local directory and repository of the project), a green check mark will appear (the specified location in which the file will be stored) showing that the local copy and the copy from the repository are still the same (no changes has been made).

If a specific file has a green check mark, then the file is still the same of that in the repository. If it has a red exclamation point, then there are already changes made in the file (the local copy and the copy from the server and not the same anymore). A yellow lock in a file or folder means that those things are locked for a certain user and no other users can access and edit those files or folders.

For CMSC 128 (2009) students, send your finished (screenshots) activity to and Here is our report about Version Control and Change Control [PowerPoint File] under the topic of Software Configuration Management.

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