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October 29, 2009

Firefox 3.7 Theme for Firefox 3.5

I have seen a lot of people who are still using Firefox build 3.0 even though version 3.5 is already out and ready for download. Now, there is version 3.7 available for testing. What shocks me the most is that before this pre-alpha release build 3.7, there was a 3.6 build and I didn't know about all these releases made by Mozilla.

This release focuses much about sheer performance and appearance. The menu bars are already hidden just like Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome. This new version looks best if you are using Windows Aero.

(Photo Credits: Mozilla) A screenshot of Firefox build 3.7 that looks elegant with Windows Aero.

To download Firefox 3.7 pre-alpha release, just click this link. I don't know why the browser is named Minefield but I'm pretty sure it's Firefox.

If you don't want to use or test the alpha release, there is still an alternative way on how to make your Firefox looks like version 3.7. First download this ZIP file and extract it. One of the extracted files is a JAR file. Open the 'Add-ons' window ('Tools' -> 'Add-ons') of your Firefox and drag that JAR file to that window. Firefox will ask you if you will continue installing that add-on. After installing that JAR file, you have to install this add-on. The same as the first file, Firefox will prompt you if you are going to install this particular add-on. The third step is to install another add-on. This add-on will enable you to hide or show the menu bar of Firefox. After installing the third add-on, you may now restart Firefox as you were prompted even at the first installation of this tutorial. I know, some of you had already restarted the browser but it's OK. To hide Firefox's menu bar, just right click anywhere at top or maybe at the large empty space at the end of the menu bar (the empty space after the 'Help' menu) and then uncheck 'Menus Toolbar'. To show the hidden menu bar back, just press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S.

A screenshot of Firefox 3.5 with a theme that looks like Firefox 3.7.

The tutorial I made is just a condensed form from If this tutorial didn't work for you, you can view the original tutorial by clicking this link.

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October 26, 2009

My Windows 7 Experience

The installation took about 30 minutes (or maybe less, I don’t know) but so far, it’s worth it. After installation, all the drivers including the wifi driver (Broadcom) was detected. As expected, the boot time is faster than Vista.
There are a lot of improvements and features added to the Windows 7 core. One of these features is the one I am using right now (the editor of this blog post) named Windows Live Writer. This software is so amazing because the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is your own blog theme. This editor can insert tables, pictures, videos, hyperlink, and even maps in your blog post.

A screenshot of Windows Live Writer with a GUI inherited from my blog.

Another thing I like about this new operating system (not really a big bang feature but for me it’s cool) from Microsoft is that it has many preset pictures/avatars for a certain account.

Lots of avatars to choose from.
The super bar is one of the most obvious change since operating systems were made. It works like a stack of the same programs. For example, if I have five Firefox windows opened, the super bar will only have one Firefox icon and when I hover my mouse to that icon, a series of screenshots are displayed - screenshots of opened Firefox windows. The super bar can also display and play videos when a video software is minimized while its icon is hovered.

The super bar with five Firefox windows opened.
Windows Movie Maker has also improved a lot. The name was also changed from Windows Movie Maker to Windows Live Movie Maker. There are also lots of effects and transitions to choose from unlike the previous versions.

A screenshot of Windows Live Movie Maker with imported video from Oprah.
Windows Media Player has also transformed into a more compact and simple audio/video player. There is still a button to revert back to the original boring player but for me, the compact player is the simplest elegant software GUI I’ve ever seen.

Windows Media Player compact GUI playing David Archuleta’s songs.
I still have to explore more in this new operating system from Microsoft and see if there are bugs. I also have to dig its features and talk about it maybe in my next blog posts. So far, this OS is comparable to Windows XP with service pack 2 in terms of performance and maybe stability.

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October 21, 2009

Best Rendition of Everything I Do by Gareth Gates

I've known Gareth Gates way back in high school. His most famous song was the "Unchained Melody" which was included in his first album after winning the "Pop Idol" competition. For me, his rendition of that song was one of the best because his voice suits perfectly to the song and not to mention his cuteness. The music video was also great (two thumbs up).

Unchained Melody - Gareth Gates

As I was browsing for more Gareth Gates' video in YouTube, I found this video in the "Pop Idol" contest. In one of the episodes of the competition, he sang "Everything I Do" (by Bryan Adams) which really rocked me. His a-minute-and-a-half rendition of the song was really the best I've heard so far (no offense to singers who already sang the song). Gareth really knows how to chill me deep down to the bones. ahehehehe

Everything I Do - Gareth Gates

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