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October 29, 2009

Firefox 3.7 Theme for Firefox 3.5

I have seen a lot of people who are still using Firefox build 3.0 even though version 3.5 is already out and ready for download. Now, there is version 3.7 available for testing. What shocks me the most is that before this pre-alpha release build 3.7, there was a 3.6 build and I didn't know about all these releases made by Mozilla.

This release focuses much about sheer performance and appearance. The menu bars are already hidden just like Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome. This new version looks best if you are using Windows Aero.

(Photo Credits: Mozilla) A screenshot of Firefox build 3.7 that looks elegant with Windows Aero.

To download Firefox 3.7 pre-alpha release, just click this link. I don't know why the browser is named Minefield but I'm pretty sure it's Firefox.

If you don't want to use or test the alpha release, there is still an alternative way on how to make your Firefox looks like version 3.7. First download this ZIP file and extract it. One of the extracted files is a JAR file. Open the 'Add-ons' window ('Tools' -> 'Add-ons') of your Firefox and drag that JAR file to that window. Firefox will ask you if you will continue installing that add-on. After installing that JAR file, you have to install this add-on. The same as the first file, Firefox will prompt you if you are going to install this particular add-on. The third step is to install another add-on. This add-on will enable you to hide or show the menu bar of Firefox. After installing the third add-on, you may now restart Firefox as you were prompted even at the first installation of this tutorial. I know, some of you had already restarted the browser but it's OK. To hide Firefox's menu bar, just right click anywhere at top or maybe at the large empty space at the end of the menu bar (the empty space after the 'Help' menu) and then uncheck 'Menus Toolbar'. To show the hidden menu bar back, just press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S.

A screenshot of Firefox 3.5 with a theme that looks like Firefox 3.7.

The tutorial I made is just a condensed form from If this tutorial didn't work for you, you can view the original tutorial by clicking this link.

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