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November 24, 2009

Rookie: Slide Presenter - A Web-based Application

Microsoft has PowerPoint while OpenOffice has Impress. These two slide editor and presenter software shapes and changes the ways business presentations are delivered. This semester, I am going to develop a similar application - a web-based slide editor and presenter. Well, this plan isn't final yet because there are still people who are going to scrutinize the specifications of what I am going to develop. There is still a possibility that this project will be canceled either at the beginning or at the middle of the development (rejected is the worst).

james arnold nogra rookie slide presenter
Temporary logo of the "Rookie: Slide Presenter".

The name of my web-based presenter is "Rookie: Slide Presenter" because even rookies (beginners) can create their own business or wacky presentations using this web application. As much as possible, the controls and buttons of this application are minimal unlike PowerPoint and Impress which has numerous buttons and menus. I am not saying that the two existing applications are difficult to use, what I am trying to say is that this one which I am going to develop is an easy-to-use one.

Failure to accomplish this project means a failing grade. I need sheer courage and numerous sleepless nights in order to finish this project on time. I hope someone will help me along the way.

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