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December 28, 2009

I Need $5 for Pangya (Closed - I Got $15)

I have been playing Pangya (online golf game) for almost four years. Before, I used to play in the Philippine server but the management decided to close it down because the number of players is declining. Now, I am playing in the international server. This Christmas season, Pangya has this so called “Stocking Offers for Christmas”, an event wherein a player can have expensive items (when I say expensive, it’s terrifying expensive in Pangya) for a very little price. But there’s a twist, each player, including myself, should gather the so-called “Christmas stockings” by playing the game.

This event from Ntreev Pangya has lots to offer ranging from clothes to club sets. The item I want to obtain is the “Christmas Clubset” which is so cool because this item can only be seen in the stores every Christmas season (it’s pretty rare). There’s a problem, I already have all the items except for one which I cannot obtain if I don’t use electronic money. In the virtual Pangya store, it costs 1300 points and to be able to buy points, one must have real electronic money. The smallest amount a player can buy is 5000 points which costs $5. Huhuhuhuhu that’s all I can say.

I don't have Mulligan Rose which costs 10 for 1300 points.

Of course, I am not a beggar (as if someone is interested to give me $5) that will just accept some $5. If someone, a kind-hearted one, will give me money via PayPal, I will design him/her a 270x200 image banner (porn not allowed of course) to be linked ("do follow" method) to his/her blog or website. If there are two or more donors, then the size will still be the same but the banners will have a uniform theme. The banner will be visible up to December next year. The point is - I badly need five dollars now.

The position of the image advertisement.

I know Christmas season is over but I badly need some $5. I have roughly five dollars in my pocket (of course in peso) at this moment but the problem is I need an electronic one.

If you are willing to give me money via PayPal or just interested with my offer, you can leave a comment to this post. Anyone is welcome to grab this very little and simple opportunity. Deadline for this offer is December 29, 2009, the end date of the Christmas stocking event in Pangya. Thanks for reading. ahehehehe

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December 8, 2009

Festival of Lights - Naga, Cebu

Today, I just witnessed the christmas lights lighting ceremony in the town plaza of Naga. Before, the town plaza was just lit by few lights but this year, it's quite audacious - the whole place is very bright. Each tree is crowned with numerous simple christmas lights that as a whole, looks like small galaxies. The old municipal hall and the town complex are also covered with the same kind of christmas lights.

naga, cebu
Christmas-themed old municipal hall.

Countdown to lighting of christmas lights and fireworks.

I know questions like over budget for christmas lights and decors could arise but the local government ensured the public that an honest audit will be conducted. Some even said that some lights and decorations are donations from the town mayor, Hon. Valdemar Chiong. Electric consumption is also a big deal not only to the local government but also to environmentalists - for not saving energy.

Here are some high-resolution photos I took today. I enjoyed a lot during the lighting ceremony especially when the host of the event starts to count down.

naga, cebunaga, cebunaga, cebu

Christmas is just a day in the calendar but in our town, it is celebrated whole month long (up to January like last year).

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