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March 11, 2010

My Design for the CSG Shirt 2010

Last February, all CS students of the University of the Philippines Cebu were informed that there will be a t-shirt design competition sponsored by the Computer Science Guild. The prize is a free t-shirt with the winning design of course. During the first few days of the competition, I was lazy and pay little attention to submitted designs posted in the CSG wall and facebook photo albums. Then one Sunday, I was encouraged by my classmate to join the competition. I created a design and then emailed it to the CSG president.

I was informed by the president that I submitted my design late and there is already a winner. Even though my design was in vain, I still uploaded my t-shirt design in my facebook album and tagged some CS students in it. There were a lot of people (take note the word phrase ‘a lot’) who likes my design and wants it to be the official shirt of CS students for 2010. I explained to them that I was late to submit and I was disqualified in the t-shirt competition.

One day, the CSG president messaged me asking for the PSD format of my design. I was so happy because I thought he will reconsider mine. I was shocked when they released the final design of the t-shirt for CS students - a highly modified version of my creation. This is the first time that I did not order an annual CS t-shirt.

People might think that I am angry to certain people but I am not. To people who might be offended with this post, I am sorry. I still have to blame myself for submitting late because I did not pay attention to the poster of the contest. I just learned a lesson.

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