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August 12, 2010

Me Rivaling Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Michio Kaku

I just want to make my own view of the universe. You may be wondering why I am writing this but don’t worry, I’m not crazy. Some may find this post boring but I think someone out there likes this topic.


Most of us or maybe you are fascinated about the universe. When someone asks me how the universe was created, I would immediately answer the most famous theory of creation, the Big Bang. I can still remember when I was still in Grade six that there were theories like the Steady State Theory and the Bubble Universe existed but those two were sort of trashed when someone proved recently that the our universe is expanding. If you are going to ask me how big is the universe, well, it depends on when will you reach the question mark of that questions because the universe is still expanding up to this moment. Approximately, the universe as of this moment is 13 billion light years across; meaning, light will travel from one end to the other end of the universe for 13 billion years. That is also the approximate age of our universe.

Now, if you can conclude that our universe is way too big, you may be wondering about the “others”. You may be asking right now, “Where are they?” or speculate about the existence of aliens. There are a lot of reasons why we haven’t seen any aliens yet. One obvious reason is that the vast distance from one star to the other. We are sending radio signals to other stars hoping that any alien out there has a satellite dish and receives our signal. That’s rubbish! We are sending radio signals using our own electrical power but we have to consider that stars also emit radio signals and we all know how powerful stars are. It’s not just stars which produce massive amount of radio signals but also supernovas which is a hundred times more powerful than a normal star. The radio signals from the stars and supernovas will be mixed with our sent signal and thus destroying its form. The signal that will arrive to the alien’s receivers will be garbage not to mention we have obviously different languages. The other reason why we haven’t seen any aliens yet or aliens haven’t found us yet is that we humans and the species of the earth are not interesting. Similar to the analogy of man and ants, when we pass on an anthill, we don’t care who’s living there because for us, ants are not interesting. In this analogy, the humans are the aliens and the ants are us stealing food from the humans. Ants is somewhat interested in humans similar to us, we are interested about aliens.

Let’s talk about civilization. We have Mesopotamia, Persian, and a lot of civilizations we learned in our history class but at this point, we will be talking about the civilization in a universal scale. According to Michio Kaku, author of the book “Physics of the Impossible”, there are three types of civilization. Type 1 civilization is an empire who can control earthquakes, weather, climate, and anything planetary. Type 2 civilization is stellar; an empire who has exhausted the power of their planet and get their energy from their parent star. Type 3 civilization is galactic; they travel from one star to another star to acquire energy from it. If you are going to ask where we belong in these types of civilizations, well, according to Michio Kaku, we are type zero. We can’t control anything planetary and we get our energy mainly from fossil fuels not from the sun. Dr. Kaku has only three types of civilization but in my wildest opinion, there could be a type 4 civilization. Type 4 could be the creator civilization, our God. This civilization creates and watches the universes created by them. Sounds crazy but that’s the only way religion can get into physics and science - to be treated as the most powerful of all.

Now let’s go back to the universe. People nowadays are talking about when the world will end. I strongly believe that 2012 is a hoax. The movie is telling us that the earth, sun, and the center of the Milky Way will be aligned on December 21, 2012. Astronomers said that the alignment of the sun, earth, and the center of our galaxy happens every December and it’s not even a one day event, not only December 21 of each year. The end of humanity may not be exclusive as the end of the earth. But if ever the world will end on its own, one of the causes maybe is that our sun will undergo supernova and earth can’t withstand the blast. Another cause could be gamma burst from other stars that will directly hit and fry the earth. If we are going to imagine the end of humanity in a galactic scale and use the concept of the big bang and the expanding universe, there will be a time where everything will be ripped apart (a theory called the big rip). Just like a balloon being inflated, there will be a time that the balloon will explode. But the universe’s end will not be slightly different, instead there will be pieces or remnants like a blown up balloon, everything will be ripped from the atomic level and no one will ever survive, not even the type 3 civilization.

That’s all I can say as of this moment. I will write additional posts if I realize something.

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