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October 11, 2012

How I Spent Almost Everything

Many of my friends are wondering why I have little or no savings at all even though I have a job. One reason I can tell them is that I am now paying the electric and phone bills. But they know that this is not the real reason why I am always broke almost every month.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Photo by
It started when I bought my first Android phone which is the Samsung Galaxy Y. It has almost all the things that I need for a phone like music player and YouTube videos viewer. I was overwhelmed by the applications that I can install in this Android phone and ended up filling its internal memory storage. I ended up buying a new Android phone which is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This phone is amazing because I always like big phones. The internet storage is also way better than my Galaxy Y which is 16 gigabytes. It can record 1080p video which is great because I like shooting random videos. The camera has also a macro shot capability making it more useful in my photography hobby. The two phones being bought in just a span of four months made me penniless in an instant.

Sony a57 DSLT
And then the Sony a57 was released. I knew I would get sick until I cannot own this camera because it has amazing features that I really want to see in a Digital SLR (even though this camera is a new breed of camera which is Single Lens Translucent or SLT). The camera boasts a 16 megapixel image sensor (APS-C format) and can shoot 10 frames per second or 12 frames in crop mode. What makes this camera more fascinating to me is that it has an ISO range of 100-25600 (ISO auto ranges from 100-3200) which is perfect for low-light situations. When I got my hands on this camera, I tested first its low-light performance and I was blown away because it renders less image noise. This is the most amazing camera that I have used and seen (I think better than D5000, D7000, 7D, D90, D3100, and 60D – I did not mention the brands, just the model numbers lol).

Sample Photos of Sony a57
I am totally poor right now and what makes it worse is the announcement and release Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Currently, I have absolute zero money in my bank or pocket but I am starting to save money by eating lunch at Angel’s or Minute Burger (and I am totally serious). This smartphone is starting to make me feel sick already. Buying so many things these past few months is of course making me poorer by the minute but I feel happy. They always say “money can’t buy happiness” which I think doesn’t work in the world of electronics. Owning these gadgets has brought joy not only to me but also to my friends especially the ones who love to pose in my Sony a57.

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