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November 3, 2019

Singapore: My First International Travel

Let me start by saying Singapore, in general, is expensive. I was bragging to my friends about my hotel room that costs more than ₱3,000 per night only to arrive at a motel. That motel, however, is very clean and classy and was worth the money. For my first international travel, this country doesn't disappoint. Starting from its airport all the way to the farthest corner of the country accessible by light rail, this country is amazing.

Voted as the best airport in the world since 2013 by Skytrax, Singapore Changi Airport is a tourist destination itself. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from and numerous gardens to stroll by. The restaurants though are a bit pricey but there are fast food options that offer affordable meals and snacks.
When I arrived in Singapore Changi Airport, I immediately purchased a three-day unlimited MRT pass. Because of this, I was able to visit almost a quarter of the MRT stations in Singapore on my second day. This was my first time to ride a rail-type transport and I was very impressed. I live in Cebu (Philippines) and we do not have any sort of rail transport that's why I was almost inside the trains for almost the entire day. My friends met me on the third day, so for a lot of these first-time experiences, I was all alone.
On my third day, I went to Nanyang Technological University to present my research. This was the main reason why I traveled to Singapore. Presenting to at least two international conferences is a requirement I need to fulfill for my studies. The university building and grounds are mesmerizing because it blends to the forested hills and the city. This university is also one of the best in the world so to be able to present my research on a conference held here is truly an honor.

Overall, despite the high cost of living, I highly recommend Singapore for a country to visit. The clean streets and public transportation are the strongest points of this country for a tourist. I haven't visited any theme parks in the country while I was there but there are lots of it like Universal Studios and Haw Par Villa. I might be coming back to Singapore for a conference or maybe as a tourist but whatever the reason, I will be very excited.

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